Journey From The Edge: Finding True North

A compass can help you find true north. It is a wonderful navigational tool.


 But there is also a true north that is inside of us. An internal compass that guides our lives.

Sometimes, our compass is off. Sometimes, our compass needs adjusting. And sometimes, it takes an extraordinary experience to help us find our compass again…

And to have faith in new directions.


As I head home from the edge, I realize that I have rediscovered my compass.

And that because of this journey, I have found my true north again.

I’m not sure where it will lead me or what I will discover and learn.

I only know that it’s working again…


6 thoughts on “Journey From The Edge: Finding True North

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience as it was so much easier to walk through your journey. I know it is not the same but your blog really brings the truth to the journey and most important what you want or in search of becoming. It is all about the internal search! I can read and see that this adventure brought you closer to your truth!!!! Peace to Artic Circle and back!

  2. I think my compass comes literally unglued at times, Tracy! I need to find someone to share my world, 8 years is a long time to have been looking, then not looking and spending time with grandkids has filled in many of the ‘holes’ in my heart. I guess that my compass is not ‘broken’ because I didn’t fall into bed with an ex-husband or an ex-boyfriend this past year! Both were willing…
    You inspire me to reach for better horizons, to find my True North again! Smiles, Robin

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