The Adventure Begins

And it begins outside my comfort zone.


As I embark on this new chapter, as I step into the unknown, as I open my heart to all the possibilities of life, I know it must be different. A new and different direction, a path not yet explored. And this beginning will require courage and strength and hope and passion. It will ask for leaps of faith. It’s time for the adventure of my life.

It started on a sunny day. A hike unlike one I had ever done. I didn’t know this at the time. It sounded like an ordinary place to hike on an ordinary day.


It was not ordinary. It was steep. It was challenging. It was scary.

It was breathtaking.


It asked me to push myself, farther and higher.

Up into the clouds where I could see the world.

I realized as I stood at the summit, that I don’t want ordinary anymore. I want extraordinary. I want adventures and journeys. I want possibilities. I want to stand on top of mountains and breathe it all in. I want to awaken every sense, feel every emotion, let my heart expand and embrace, and my spirit be wild and free.


And so…the adventure begins.

19 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. This was very special in its message to others, too. We all need to be encouraged to begin adventures, to keep on going and to become the “me” we ought to be! You deserve happiness and finding the different parts of nature that make us all feel serene and peaceful is a gift to us, my friend! You deserve to be wild, free and extraordinary, too!

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