Still Waters

Run deep as they say.

I’ve been spending time with still waters.


This isn’t an easy thing, being still. I am usually always in motion. I have a hard time just sitting…and being still…with both my body and my mind.


So when I headed up to the house on Lake Champlain this week with my family, I wanted to practice this stillness.

The summer is just about over for me. I return to school next week. Yet this has been an extraordinary summer in so many ways and I wanted to ponder it and how it has seemingly transformed my life.


There have been many changes. Changes that I have learned from and grown from. Changes that I now see as a blessing and a gift.


These changes have brought the need to adapt and adjust my beliefs, my feelings and my thinking.


I have shifted and revised my needs and desires in this life. New and exciting shifts that take me into unchartered waters. Out of my routine and in unknown directions.


I have dived deeper into my recovery. Working on the hard stuff that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Forgiving others and forgiving myself. Moving through and not around the challenges and obstacles I have faced.


I have rekindled my faith and my spirituality. Letting go of those things I have held onto so tightly and opening myself up to the abundance and beauty of life.


As I sit in stillness on the shores of this beautiful lake…I feel a sense of renewal. A rebirth and an awakening. Anything and everything is possible.


Still waters do run deep.

17 thoughts on “Still Waters

  1. this is a beautiful post, tracy, both in the physical sense as well as the emotional and spiritual sense. i’m happy that you’ve had this summer renewal, and have given yourself another chance on life. best, beth

  2. Wonderful post. I love the colors of the chairs and the hammock. Everybody needs color in their lives. I have yet to master forgiving myself, but getting better at moving through challenges instead of around them. It’s good to read such inspiring words–thanks.

  3. My grandchildren started on August 13th this week, Tracy! All 6 are in some kind of schooling, oh my! The youngest, 3 year old Kyah, is not crazy about preschool yet! I am always a little bit transformed and renewed when I come to visit your posts, your lovely messages and professional photos, are amazing!! Hugs and best wishes with this new year of school!

    • Oh Robin!! That is so sweet!!! And I feel wonderful after reading yours!!! So glad we found each other! And thank you…I’m a bit in denial about school starting! I can’t believe it starts so early out there!!

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