Magical Places

Sometimes, as adults, we forget that the world is still magical. Just as it was when we were children. In our busy and hurried lives, we forget that magic can be found…in many places. We only have to open our eyes and hearts to it.


Today I found magic.

There is a place. Deep in the Camels Hump State Forest.


It’s known to the locals as the enchanted forest.

It is enchanted.


It is quiet and peaceful.

The only sound is your breathing and the beating of your heart.

The path winds through the lush green woods.


You marvel at the towering trees growing so straight and tall…reaching for the sun.

You can imagine there are fairies and elves living here…in the soft moss of the forest floor.


Further on you find ancient maples. Some over 200 years old.

Still growing and thriving despite gnarled trunks and decades of harsh winters.

And then a clearing.


A cottage. Here in the middle of nowhere. And you wonder about the people who built it. And the meaning behind the symbols on the door. And the rock arch.

A magical house in an enchanted forest.

You are captivated. Not wanting to leave.

But you do. And a little of the magic from this place leaves with you.


10 thoughts on “Magical Places

  1. Lovely. You know when scrolling through your post, the first large picture appears to be growing. It was a wonderful effect. Maybe you meant for it to be that way, but I loved it. It was like a feeling of growing.

  2. I am always glad to see the views through your eyes, you helped me to see magic today! thanks so much for this, Tracy! I liked the curved arch and the rock in a shape of a heart… Smiles, Robin

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