Last Days of Summer

Are always bittersweet.

The nights get a bit cooler. The days a bit shorter.


And other little signs that summer is coming to a close.

It’s a time of change. Of last bursts of growth. Of metamorphosis. Of harvesting. Of preparation.


There are parades and celebrations. Music and fireworks.

Summer does go out with a bang.

There’s always a sense of nostalgia.

A wish to have summer back with it’s endless warm lazy days.

It’s the feeling of summer we will miss. Like children on break from school. It seems to stretch out forever. But to adults it feels fleeting. We fill it up. Trying to squeeze every last drop of summer experiences in.


Like every season, time keeps moving forward. It is the cycle of ย the earth. It is the cycle of life.


We adapt and we get ready and we cherish…


The last days of summer.

16 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer

  1. I was able to like this one, but not able to comment yesterday. I don’t know why, maybe a glitch in wordpress or the library? Hope you are feeling a bit better, school will sidetrack some of the sad feelings, how is your son now heading into his sophomore year? I will have to check back soon! Anyway, I enjoyed the last hurrah photos of summer! Fairs and bright flowers, along with all the natural wonders you make look like they are meant to be on Hallmark photographed cards! Hugs, Robin

    • Thanks Robin! I am doing well! The letting go helped me to close the door:-) Paul is doing great!! Thank you for asking! He’s so grown up now…I miss him but know I can easily see him as UVM is not that far away! I hope you are doing well too! Oxox

      • Thank you for the personal updates, Tracy. So glad that you are doing better, you have seemed quite radiant, oh, well your photos are my interpreting your level of happiness! It was totally fine to list someone who had died at any time, due to cancer, I edited out your apology. I never meant for you to have to say sorry about anything. Friends accept the way a person interprets their artwork, writing or photos! Smiles and hugs, Robin

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