A Sense of Place

It is a feeling we have. A feeling of warmth and connection and identity.


It is a place that is special and unique to us as humans…and as individuals.


It’s our experiences and interactions with the land and space around us.

This sense of place is important. It creates emotions inside of us. It allows us to feel belonging and safety. Most of all, when we have a sense of place, we care. We care about and for this place.


There are many beautiful and magical places on this earth. As people we deeply desire ways to bond with these places. These places that capture our hearts and our love.


For me, a sense of place, is where I feel alive. And at the same time where I feel at home within myself. And where my heart opens and expands.


I have felt connections to many places. Each is special and unique to me. And each place stirs different feelings. I fall in love with these places. And they become a part of who I am.

I truly believe that when we feel a sense of place with some piece of land or water, we begin to understand the role each place has on our planet. And when we understand, we realize how each place is necessary in the puzzle of life.


From this comes a sense of responsibility. A sense of compassion. A sense of interconnectedness. A sense of gratitude.


We look more carefully, we listen more intently and we walk more gently.

For this place…is our home.


Our only home.


12 thoughts on “A Sense of Place

  1. I am blessed to live in the beautiful state of Vermont where it’s been easier for me to feel that sense of place. It has a natural rhythm without the distractions and interferences of a densely packed human population. Namaste

  2. This post mentions something very meaningful to me, too, Tracy. When we feel a part of our land, we tend to become more responsible and aware of how we should be careful, tend it well and teach our family to do so, too. The photographs are especially lovely, my favorite subjects of leaves, water and the beauty in the skies colors… So nice! Take care, my friend! Hugs!

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