Earth Tones

Are some of my most favorite colors. And it is now, as fall approaches, that these colors begin to appear and transform the landscape.


It is a feast for the eyes. A wondrous sight to behold.

 It is a time to be in awe of natures’ brilliant palette of colors.


Bright greens as older trees with their lush leaves wait patiently. They have wisdom and know there is no rush.

Younger trees show off with vibrant reds and yellows. In a hurry to ready for what lies ahead.

Fields come alive with deep jewel tones for they know this is their final display of the year.

It is the dramatic pause between two extreme seasons.


 When the earth shows off her beautiful tones.


9 thoughts on “Earth Tones

  1. definitely showing off her ‘true’ colors, cannot wait to see the Fall’s colors as shown here! Still fairly green here! I loved the flowers, purple asters especially! Warm hugs and wishes sent your way, Tracy!

  2. Oh my goodness, the words ‘dramatic pause between the seasons,’ meant to tell you that the way you express yourself really impresses me!! You are able to do it, like taking a paint brush and making a written image of the pictures you have taken. I am being a little sleepy and silly, but thanks for your saying what you did on my blog. It meant a lot to me, Tracy. Hugs, Robin

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