Closed For The Season

The state parks here in Vermont close after Labor Day. This is the time I love them most. There’s something about these beautiful protected natural areas, empty of people and noise and activity, that appeals to me.


And so I spend the off season visiting them. This weekend I enjoyed the splendor of Allis State Park. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The leaves just beginning to change and ready. A warm breeze rustles through the trees and is the only sound you can hear.

The lean to’s are quiet. No fires or smell of wood smoke. Life happens here only in the summer.


The fire tower is mine to enjoy.


The view, always magnificent and breathtaking, works its magic again.

Trails on Bear Hill can be explored and new discoveries are always made. Because there is no rush or throng of people to distract me from the surrounding landscape.

I meet a couple from a nearby town who wonder aloud why more people aren’t here. It’s such a beautiful place especially in the off season. I wonder too. But today I’m glad that they aren’t. The park is after all, closed for the season.


31 thoughts on “Closed For The Season

  1. Have I mentioned here before that I once road my bicycle through Vermont on my way to the coast of Maine (beginning in Minnesota)? Such a beautiful state. It must be gorgeous in the fall. How wonderful for you to have the solitude of an entire state park!

      • It truly was. Can’t remember what park it was in, but was on a peak known as “The Chin”? All the rocks were glistening wet in a fog that wrapped around the mountain top, entirely engulfed by cloud, 20 feet visibility! Very magical. Reminded me of scenes from the film “Excaliber”. Anyway, I’ll watch for more photos from you this fall. These on this post are beautiful!

      • Yes! I thought it was the tallest peak, but couldn’t remember. And yes, so gorgeous. It was in 1980, I believe. Our colors in MN might rival yours in VT, but of course we don’t get the perspective of seeing the autumn leaves from a mountain peak as they fill the valley below, and presumably cascade up other mountains…

  2. Vermont is one of the states I’ve yet to visit. Your photos are so beautiful, and I feel that it is a must see state. I like visiting parks that are closed too. It allows time to enjoy nature as it should be—in peace.

  3. This seems like just the ‘perfect’ time to have the parks to yourselves. The big hole in that final rock or fossilized tree? was so intriguing, Tracy. I also enjoy having quiet, peaceful moments, no rushing and time to enjoy the views with you. I linger over each photo, truly amazed at the wide variety of subject matters you always feature, Tracy! Vermont is a lovely state, ,which I have passed through but would hope someday to stay for awhile. . . Have a wonderful weekend, Tracy! (Oh, in “Ramble” by Led Zeppelin, did you ever notice they mention the Autumn moon’s pulling on them? I know you mentioned you liked, “The Fool in the Rain”. . .) Smiles!

    • Come visit me any time Robin!!! I have room:-) Fall is best since the colors…the landscape is so spectacular! I’m so glad you linger!!!!
      Love the song Ramble as well!!! I’ll have to listen to it again and hear that part!!!❀️

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