Ocean Magic

From the moment I lay eyes on it…


Until the the moment I leave.


The ocean always works its magic.


With its vast and endless horizon

With its gentle and soothing rhythms


With its tumultuous wildness


With its healing serenity


With its ancient wisdom

And its magnificent grandeur


The allure of the ocean has no boundaries.

Its magic is there for everyone…


to experience, to feel, to embrace.


33 thoughts on “Ocean Magic

  1. Exactly the magical potion I need to remember, I love the ocean and its ‘pull’ on my heart! It is also nice to hear the waves on Lake Erie, although not as vast and majestic! I love water sources, rivers, streams, oceans, ponds and lakes, Tracy! Loved your words you set this into motion and made it really beautiful.

      • I am sure there are many more pieces of your journey, but glad this was the last part of your healing!! That is wonderful and lots of excitement in those words. Healing can be slow, setbacks and all, but you are one strong woman, Tracy!!

      • Thanks Robin…some days it’s one step forward and two back…however I am moving forward:-) And I guess that’s what matters!!! Oxox

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