Little River

It wasn’t the nicest of days. The sun wasn’t shining. The temperature wasn’t warm. And the leaves, once so vibrant, were fading.


But I’ve learned, that in every season and in every place, there is beauty and joy if you take the time to look around you.

Little River…

Another state park. Another favorite of mine. In all kinds of weather and on all kinds of days.


There’s something about the stillness and muted reflections of the reservoir in late fall.

There’s something about the soft and quiet foliage that remains, both on the trees and on the ground.

There’s something about the peacefulness of still waters and cooler air.


There’s something about the serenity of shimmering raindrops when the sun tries to peek through the dense clouds.


And there is something about the wonder of hearing the sound of sleet echoing through the forest.


After all it wasn’t the nicest of days…


But there was beauty and joy to be found at Little River.


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