These Hills


The first time I saw these words I felt something stir deep inside me. My heart expanding, my soul awakening, my spirit singing. These words…and the hills here where I make my home are what inspire and lift me up.

I went and visited the cemetery where this inscribed granite stone resides, again on Sunday. The peace I felt was immediate.


This peace is something I feel often while gazing out upon the green and rolling hills of Vermont.

A peace that grows with every breathtaking view I’m blessed to experience.


I’m finding that there is more and more peace inside me with each passing day. A calm serenity that often felt elusive in the past. Perhaps it’s because I am surrounded by  hills.

And these hills that I lift mine eyes upon, are truly a glorious gift.


7 thoughts on “These Hills

  1. Wonderful and deep, Tracy! I think of “The Hills are Alive” scene from the movie, “The Sound of Music!” The quote in the beginning is a fine one! Happy Halloween and enjoy the rest of this season, our leaves blew or got rained ‘away!’

      • I today decided I am unsure of enjoying the cold! I have only had two days to warm up the car and try to get my back to straighten up from my being hunkered down from wind. I guess I am not looking forward to it, as much as I had hoped I would! ha ha! Hopefully, will get more used to it and be more positive! Hugs back to you!

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