Growing Pleasure

I can remember as a young girl having growing pains. Actual physical pain as my body grew 6 inches in one year.


I’m having growing pains again. A different sort of growth. A different sort of pain, in fact, I think I would rather just call it growing pleasure.


This kind of growth is a very important part of my journey, of my recovery and of my life.


When things happen…we usually have a few choices. We can numb our pain. We can run away from it or we can grow from it. I’m choosing to grow from it.

I have learned so much about myself these past few months. And I have examined myself deeply, my mistakes, my flaws and my part in all of it. And I have realized…that inside of me there is growth.


Slow and steady…but it is happening.


I am awakening to my life and the role I play in it. I am no longer a bystander but an active and willing participant. This is my life.


Beautiful, chaotic, intense, playful, loving, imperfect, serene, silly, messy, bright, and exciting.

But I am wide open. To experience and to feel and to enjoy all of it.


Growing pains don’t have to hurt. They can instead bring us incredible pleasure and lasting happiness.


19 thoughts on “Growing Pleasure

  1. Well said, Tracy. Although we each have our own unique path to follow, we often find ourselves trudging that road of happy destiny with kindred spirits Sometimes when those growing pains are too much for one of us, we huddle together and share tears and hugs. Then we giggle uncontrollably and continue our journey. Thanks for being a part of mine today. ❤

    • I know April. It’s been a lot of growing pains this year for me but I’m realizing that this too was a gift…it’s all in how we look at it sometimes! Oxox

  2. Growing from and through painful experiences is something we have in common. I share this hope for your more positive future, Tracy. I enjoyed the way you shared your thoughts. It really makes me think of inspirational posters and how much power we get from nature, too. Take care and I love the photo of you on top of that big rocky mountain! xo Robin

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