November is a month of betweens. It lies between the end of fall and the beginning of winter.


A space and time between. A pause. A period of stillness and waiting. Yet a time of contrasts. Of contradictions and change.

November is always a mystery.


Here in Vermont, we are often surprised in November. Warm southern breezes followed by cold north winds. Sunshine and then…snow. No two days are alike.

I’ve learned to pause too. I’ve learned to change and adapt as the days get shorter and the darkness longer. I’ve learned to be open to November’s surprises and to it’s gifts.

Most of all I’ve learned to be present. To open my eyes and my heart to the gift of today…and to be grateful for the betweens.


17 thoughts on “Betweens

  1. I like the thought of a pause, time to think and the period of stillness. November is a different month each year, sometimes it can be the beginning of snow here and other times, like a late Indian Summer. Tracy, as always the photos and words made me think. My heart caught in its throat, a little bit saddened with winter’s start.

      • I really liked the purple mountain or hills, with the peach colored skies, so beautiful and peaceful, too. take care and glad you are filled with hope and possibilities… Tracy, you are a wonderful friend!

      • Thanks Robin! Still do the cha cha from time to time:-) Forward then back! But at least there is forward movement. I’m so glad you are my friend!❤️❤️❤️

      • I seem to have to keep reminding myself to stop and enjoy. Your posts remind me to do just that. The outdoors is full of life even when things seem like they are dying. It’s my favorite place to be.

  2. Breathtaking photos! I too LOVE nature. It brings me peace. There is a great book out by Mary Reynolds Thompson titled, “Reclaiming the Wild Soul” that reminds me of your post- This book is an antidote the world of high-tech, high-stress and hyper-rationality. It invites us to reclaim our wild souls and our place in the great community of rivers, forests, peaks, and pastures. Like your post, it just calms me!

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