Turning The Corner

On the road of life we sometimes come to a place where…suddenly and almost without warning… the fog lifts.


And as you turn the corner, you can see clearly, that the path in front of you is wide open.


The past has become the past. It is behind me now. I’m standing in the present moment. Seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, tasting.


The future completely unknown. But not in a frightening way. An exciting way. I am finally trusting the adventure of being alive.


It has been quite some time since I have really looked around. Really noticed this amazing life I’m living.


And to see how important it was for me to go through the pain and sadness instead of around it. Because in doing so I came out the other side.


And I found that I am ok. Better than ok. I am me again.

The lightness, the happiness, the joy is back.


I’m standing on a different edge. One that’s in the here and now.


Knowing that I have discovered something inside me through this journey of healing that won’t let me fall.  But instead it will give me the wings I need…


to fly.

4 thoughts on “Turning The Corner

  1. I like the way you feel you are ready to fly, Tracy! I am so happy for your energy level and recuperation period, Tracy. There are times I still have both feet on the floor and am not sure I am ever going to be fully healed… we shall see…
    I am so proud of your ability to tell us your story, shared with the lovely photos of places you have been.
    As far as this post, though, I loved the beauty in the fog and light combination, which made a breathtaking photograph! You are a talented artist with your camera, Tracy!

  2. Thank you Robin. It has been a long road. And then I literally turned the corner:-) It does happen! I was worried it wouldn’t for awhile bit I’m so glad I was given this gift…a chance to fall and then learn to fly!! Oxox

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