Room to Breathe

Hunting season, for the most part, is over here in Vermont. This means I can get outside again and explore. It means I can visit and revisit the places I love so much. And it means I can find room to spread my wings and to breathe more deeply.

Winter is long. And it’s only just beginning. Finding solace and happiness in nature can become a little more challenging.


But I manage. I find that I am able to replenish my spirit even with small adventures and short journeys. I don’t need to travel far to find what my soul needs.


I don’t need to look too hard to feel peace and serenity in the world around me.

I am blessed to be able to immerse myself completely, engage all my senses, and feel all the incredible beauty that surrounds me.

Even in winter. Especially in winter.

There’s something unique about adventuring in the winter. The snow, the ice, the cold, the bare trees and frozen landscape…it seems as if the earth has expanded instead of contracting.

And there truly is more room…to breathe.


14 thoughts on “Room to Breathe

      • I like how you said that nature ‘replenishes your spirit.’ On your recent post, you said you aren’t poetic, but I would argue that point! You are wonderful with your camera, but equally fantastic with well chosen words that describe and seem very poetic, Tracy!
        I am so glad you were able to be inside, cozy by the fire, Tracy. It is nice to be able to witness snow and its beauty, while safe and sound inside. It is in a car or trying to get somewhere through the snow, that makes me worry and pray for those up in your ‘neck of the woods,’ my friend! xox

      • Thanks Robin! Maybe I’m becoming a bit more poetic with age?! The wood stove is a blessing! The snow has been beautiful especially when I don’t have to drive!!! Hope you get a white Christmas!!! Oxox

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