Small Moments

Small moments in time.


We experience many such moments each and every day.


I try to capture these through my words and my pictures. Sometimes it works. And those moments are caught. Their meaning, their essence, and their grace shines through radiantly and perfectly.


While away for Christmas with my family, I saw and I felt and I experienced, so many of these small and wondrous moments.


Here are my pictures of those moments. I hope that they convey the joy, the warmth, the love, the beauty, and the magic of how I am feeling this holiday season.

It isn’t necessarily the grand events or big moments that are the most memorable…

Instead, sometimes it is the small moments in time, that warm our hearts and bring us peace.


12 thoughts on “Small Moments

  1. simple and stunning, all wrapped in one blog. Thank you for bathing us in the grace of your craft. Your photographs are sometimes simple, sometimes thought provoking, but always, always breathtaking.
    Happy and Healthy New Year to you.
    Just think how much goodness will happen in the new year?
    I look forward to following your lens and heart.

  2. There is nothing ‘small’ or ‘little’ in these moments! Wonderful BIG loving moments with such heart and caring shown. I am so happy you had a fantastic Christmas and time off from work. Your son, your friends and family all look so happy, too!

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