On the path of life, we sometimes experience serendipity.


Serendipity happens. In fact it happens all the time. Finding something wonderful while not looking for it.


I love the idea of happy accidents and pleasant surprises. And I’ve experienced it. The kind of serendipity that takes your breath away. That makes you say Wow. That makes your heart smile and your soul sing.

Serendipity is magical. No matter how big or small it may seem. It opens you up to the possibility that something much larger is at work in our lives.

Of course we have to be open ourselves to moments of serendipity. We must be receptive or it might just pass by, unnoticed.


The more open I am, the more I notice serendipity. The more I feel connections with the world around me and what it’s trying to tell me, the more serendipity I experience.


The unexpected gifts in life…


Beautiful, wondrous, serendipitous.

11 thoughts on “Serendipity

    • Thank you Robin! They are part of the ice castles being built in a town in NH. The thaw melted them and we got to see them on New Years Eve as they were rebuilding them! Can’t wait until they are done!!!

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