23 Years

On Thursday, I celebrated 23 years of sobriety. My son Paul, presented me with my medallion. It was a very special and magical night filled with fellowship, friendship, and love.


This is the gift of sobriety. And while it’s important to celebrate these milestones for our own recovery, it is equally important to share it so others can see that it works. Long term sobriety is possible. And it can be beautiful. Life can be wonderful without drinking. Life is wonderful because I’m not drinking.


This past year, my journey took me deeper into my recovery. And what I found there is nothing short of a miracle.


I have written and spoken of my gratitude, my growth, my spirituality and my faith. I have shared the incredible gifts that come because I am sober. Gifts that I needed. Gifts that gave me back myself. Gifts that were lessons and blessings.

And I have experienced the promises. I am no longer afraid of the darkness or of feeling what needs to be felt. I embrace it all. I feel and experience it all. I cherish it all. Because I know now, no matter what crosses my path, it will be ok. I will be ok. It doesn’t stay dark forever. Light and love always shine through.

23 years.

One day at a time.


33 thoughts on “23 Years

  1. Oh my God! Fantastic!! Congrats, my friend. I love what you wrote about experiencing it all and cherishing it all. They speak a lot of cherishment at the Buddhist temple we visit regularly and it can go all across the board, and boy it seems like you have it. Your serenity just hums along in your words and pictures.

    Congratulations and thank you for showing us what true recovery looks like 🙂


    • Thank you Paul! Your words and sentiments mean a lot to me! And I have loved the online fellowship I found here too. It helped me in more ways than I can say!!!

  2. I like the medallion and the lovely butterfly image, too. Congratulations for a long time of being sober, I am excited to see you reach this great landmark in sobriety, Tracy!! Hugs, Robin

  3. That was lovely. I wish I could have been there, But am so glad Paul was able to present you with the medal. We never cease to be proud of your sobriety, among all the other things you have accomplished !

  4. Tracy, I have a serious question: did you get sober when you turned TWO?!?!? You look like you could BE 23!!!!!

    The most sincere congratulations to you, I am so grateful you continue to share your experience, strength, and hope with us 🙂

    • You are funny Josie!!!!! But thank you!!! More like 53:-) it’s all those years of not drinking!!!! And I’m so grateful that you share your story as well my friend! This online fellowship is the best❤️

  5. Congrats on your journey. A dear friend of mine collected her 29 year chip at a meeting I was at last week. I remember being new about and just not comprehending someone being a year or two let only decades sober. Now I’m in my second decade and comprehend it better but still consider myself a newcomer with much to learn still…

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