Cabin Fever

Here in the north country, it’s been cold. Not just cold but brutally cold. Well below zero cold. The cold that you just can’t seem to warm up from. Cold that settles deep in your bones. And it seems there is no end in sight.


Yes there has been an abundance of sunshine.
Yes there has been an abundance of snow.

A perfect winter you think.


But it has also been cold. It is the kind of cold that prevents us from enjoying all that sun and snow.

And it causes a common ailment to occur:

Cabin Fever


Cabin fever begins with a slight feeling of agitation. Bundling up just to start your car in the morning and it sounds like a dying animal. This then leads to irritation and resentment.  Complusively checking the weather forecast and then groaning when you see it. Next comes the glimpse of hope. It’s above zero. You go outside only to run back in because with the wind chill, it’s still below zero.


You feel trapped. You find inside things to do but feel a bit lethargic and unmotivated. You daydream about warmer times and warmer places.

You worship your wood stove and try to find gratitude in the little things…like having a wood stove.


Here in Vermont, we are hearty. We know how to dress for the weather. We know how to survive these cold spells. We have done it countless times before. Yet each year when it arrives again, we forget that we know what to do. We forget to have faith that this too shall pass. Because it always does.


So we do the best we can. We read and write and create and pass the time. We complain to friends and family and strangers and we eat more chocolate…we eat more period.

The weather forecast for this weekend isn’t horrible. 14 above for a high seems almost balmy. Perhaps there will be a chance to get out and play. Perhaps we can alleviate our cabin fever for a few hours. Perhaps…


I’ll let you know on Monday!

13 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. You are correct, New Englanders are a hearty lot, Tracy! Still, it does seem like it is stretching your patience. I am glad you complain to us and others, I would if I were you! You gave us a big dose of how beautiful it looks, but we have been having sub-zero temps without the level of snow you have, I am ready for over 32 degrees. I was laughing at the little girls I made them run with me to the movie theater, two blocks away. They told me their noses were tingling and one even tried to let out a cry. I looked at her, she could tell I would not take such nonsense. They had layers upon layers… we were able to take the cold much better when we were little, I told them… smiles!

  2. We did survive many brutally cold winters didn’t we Robin?! And we will survive this one! So will your grandchildren! So glad you have them to warm your life!!❤️

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