I am a Lover

I am a lover.

I read the most beautiful and inspiring essay on Rebelle Society the other day. And I thought, what a perfect title for a post, because I am a lover too.


I love the sky and the stars and the moon

I love the flowers and the trees and the grasses

I love the creatures big and small

I love the mountains and the fields and the ocean

I love the seasons and the clouds and the sun

I love the colors of the earth

I love to see, hear, smell, taste and touch

I love the hearts of my family and friends

I love my feelings and my ideas and my dreams

I love the rich tapestry of experiences that have lead me to this moment.

I love this life I live.

I am love…

I am a lover.



To read the essay from Rebelle Society, click here: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2013/04/05/lovers/

11 thoughts on “I am a Lover

  1. Yes, indeed, you are a lover. And your love of life burns with a warm light that attracts others to you. Shine on, dear friend. The world needs your passion.

  2. I believe you show us images of Love in all of your posts. You help us to see treasures in nature and within yourself, too. You are resilient and positive, not letting the outside forces take over. You have been able to keep on going, when it may seem easier to quit.
    Winter is beautiful in your photos, they do fill me with hope and warmth, too. Winter does make but spirit get a little sapped. I can imagine how you must feel, facing feet and feet of snow, along with low temps and brittle cold. Brrr!
    I love the way you expressed this, Tracy! Hope you got a card from your son and you were able to enjoy Valentine’s Day, my friend. I hope to find someone to share life with but meanwhile, my children and grandchildren fill in the ‘gaps.’ There is nothing ‘lonely’ about being alone!! We get to pick and choose what we wish to do with our extra time! smiles

    • Oh Robin! Your comments always make me smile!! You are so sweet and thoughtful…a true kindred spirit!!!! I’m so glad you fill the gaps with your loved ones! My life is full too with things and people that make my soul happy! And you definitely make my soul smile!!! ❀️

  3. This is like an adult Picture Book. Gorgeous!! If you ever come down my way, I hope we meet up. Oh, and I am coming to VT for two weeks this summer. I can’t remember where. Some ski resort… We should hike together.

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