Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


Symmetry in nature.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

  1. Such a nice change of pace for anyone visiting and thinking of how freezing and bitter cold it must be up ‘in your neck of the woods,’ Tracy! I love the brilliant iridescent fuschia or magenta leaf with the green and yellow veins on it. Lovely and wishing everyone could have green grass and warmer temps.
    Thanks for stopping by, made me feel a little guilty since I am one who has been reading my Reader and not really looking too hard around where my friends are, like you! Tracy, hang in there! I hope you have not lost power or heat, the rest is such a tremendous drain on your inner soul and energy, I am sure. You always find beauty in such wonderful parts of nature. Take care! xo

  2. I thought so too! I love the foliage but it was the green grass…I’ve forgotten what it looks like! I know the winter will soon be over. It always leads to spring!!!!! Thank you for your kind words my friend! Oxox

  3. Beautiful pictures, Tracy. Photography used to be an interest of mine in my mid-teens. For me, sometimes I wonder if hobbies like this were diluted by drinking and forgotten over time because I pretty much stopped when I started drinking. Now that I’m sober, all-be-it only 40 days, I’m thinking about taking it up again. Out of curiosity, what type of camera do you use? And do you dedicate time to photography? Or do you simply have the camera with you most of the time and take pictures when you see something you like?

    • Thank you Rusty!! 40 days is a great beginning! I wish you all the best in your journey! Photography is a piece of my sobriety. I’ve always been into it but yes, during my drinking days I lost it as well as so much more! I started my blog as a kind of photojournal of my life. And it has been an amazing experience! I use a canon rebel. Digital of course and I hate to say it, but my iphone!!! Easy to carry and takes pretty incredible pictures:-)

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