Shadow Boxing

In AA, as we work Step 4, we look deeply at ourselves to illuminate those things that we need to change or work on. I’ve also heard this called “shadow boxing”. Because it is the darker parts of our hearts and souls where these things reside. In the shadows…

This process is important. For many reasons. It is shining a light on our darkest parts so that we can see them more clearly and so that we can begin to grow in new ways and new directions. Because once those shadows are in the light they have less power over us.

It is said that in the midst of great loss, failure, and struggle we move from unconsciousness to a deeper awareness and consciousness. We feel an inner freedom. We find grace. And we see rightly. From darkness to lightness. A spiritual awakening.


Our souls grow best in the shadowlands.


In the light, there will still be shadows. But now they can reflect truth and radiate compassion for others who also have shadows. They allow us to love and be loved. They are what make us human and ever evolving works in progress.


Shadow boxing…another gift of sobriety.

16 thoughts on “Shadow Boxing

  1. Thank you for you beautiful photos and words. What you said also applies to recovering from depression. I needed to read this today. 🙂

    • Thank you April! Yes, I think it applies to many different issues that we struggle with on a daily basis. I’m glad you found something in it for you!❤️️

    • It was a perfect topic because I have been thinking about it lately while reading “Breathing Under Water” and it has been so sunny…which make beautiful and sometimes ethereal shadows on the snow!!! Hugs back!!!

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