Getting Ready

There are things that we do here in Vermont to get ready.


Ready for spring. Just like with any season. A time of preparation.

Like where will all the snow go when it melts?

Waterbury Reservoir is getting ready. They let out water…to make room for all the melting snow that will soon cascade down from the mountains.


I didn’t know this until I discovered it the other day.

And just like the reservoir, I’m letting things out. Letting them go. Making room for a new season filled with delicate blossoms, abundant growth and the lushness of life.

I’m getting ready for spring too…

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I love your photos. And the connections you make. When I first read that they let water out of the reservoir, I cringed and felt like, “oh no!” like I didn’t want to let it go. Then when I read about letting things go in our lives to allow room for the new and the delicate, I had to laugh because I so need to let things go to make room for that. If you hear me scream, you will know that is what is going on and you can laugh too!

    • I hear you laughing and I’m so glad!!! It isn’t easy to let go but it truly does give us more room❤️ I’m so glad you see and understand what’s between the lines!!!! Thank you Marie!!!

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