Gifts from the Sea

I spent two days by the sea. On the southern coast of Maine. A place full of familiar sights and so much that is unchartered territory. A place to lose and find myself. A place filled with gifts. Gifts from the sea.image

It is a place I love.

A few times a year I make my way there. Because the gifts it offers, are the ones I am longing for. Gifts that replenish and exhilarate me.

The soothing and tranquil waters of the Casco Bay.

The ancient and weathered rocks that create the shoreline.

The crashing waves of the open ocean that ebb and flow.

The fragile and beautiful shells that are left behind to be found.

Time with the sea is my gift to myself.


A gift that I never tire of receiving.


And the sea never tires of giving…

14 thoughts on “Gifts from the Sea

  1. Nubble Light at Point close and yet so far (One feels one could simply jump across to the island.). I was born in Maine and love it fiercely. I could only give up my Great Lakes and place here in the dunes near Lake Michigan for salt water. If I had to live in another city Portland Maine would do nicely.

    Next trip try the Casco Bay Ferries out of Portland. Inexpensive and it will open up a new world. šŸ™‚

    Evocative shots of my original home..thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

  2. The sea never tires of giving and you never tire of receiving. This is a lovely description of the everlasting power of the sea. Tracy, your photographs make me yearn for a trip to see the ocean. My oldest daughter and I have talked about next year, with her two boys, to the south, for warmth, sun and surf. (If we ever get another chance, we will head to New England. Her interest is to check out an art school for graduate school in Savannah, GA.) Hugs and missed your vision, sorry I am ‘bad’ and need to catch up. xo

    • No worries my friend! I’m always here just as you are!!!! I hope you do get to the ocean…it’s truly magic!!!!!ā¤ļøļø

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