From Lake Willoughby With Love

There is a place. In the far northeast corner of Vermont. A place I have come to love. A place where I have over the years sought peace and serenity and found so much more. It holds a very special place in my heart.


Lake Willoughby.

With her towering mountains that stand guard over her shores.

With her calm and reflective waters.

With iher glorious vistas and magnificent sunsets.

It is a place where worries fall away and life slows down. A step back into a simpler time. And wonder around every corner and on every mountain top.

It’s always hard to leave. But I know that she’s always here for me. Waiting patiently until I return again.


From Lake Willoughby with love…


14 thoughts on “From Lake Willoughby With Love

    • Well then you are going to love what I made for you and Dad!❤️️❤️️❤️️ Thank you Mom. Lake Willoughby is such an incredible gift!!!

      • Mr. Right grew up in Stanstead, Quebec.
        Apparently, your post struck a cord. A friend was visiting from Florida last week, Mr. Right suggested a look at your blog and wonderful photography.
        3 people were smiling, looking at your photos.
        I love hearing Mr. Right talk about silly times growing up in Canada. Thanks for the gentle push.

      • I was just there today!!!!! At Bleu Lavande!!!!! Check my blog in a few days:-) I’ll be sharing pictures from there!!!!!!❤️️I’m glad I made you all smile! That is the greatest compliment!!!

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