There’s Something in the Air

Or perhaps it is something inside of me. I feel myself expanding and growing, opening and blossoming.

Last summer I journeyed to the edge. I explored new territory and dark places within me. It was a time of healing.


This summer I am still journeying. I am still exploring…

but it is with new eyes and a grateful heart


I have discovered so much that I never thought possible. The world around me is more vivid, more beautiful, more alive. And me…I feel more alive than I ever have felt before.


I am not sure where or when or why this shift and transformation happened…perhaps it is something in the air.


Or perhaps it is me.

The true me, finding her way out into the light.


4 thoughts on “There’s Something in the Air

  1. I like the way you shared your summer and it’s renewal and through “new eyes” seeing light and beauty. Expanding more and more by hugging the natural wonders, Tracy.

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