Lavender Fields Forever

There’s a place. Just over the Canadian border.


A place that captivates your senses, your spirit and your heart.

It is a place filled with beauty, magic and heavenly aromas.


Bleu Lavande…with its endless fields of lavender

Where time stands still and you are transported into a world like no other.

Enchanting, fragrant and seductive. A feast to behold and devour. Prolific and bountiful. Soothing and serene. Nature’s amazing abundance.

The lavender fields…a place where you could linger



6 thoughts on “Lavender Fields Forever

  1. You look like a teenager, Tracy. The scent of living lavender is so exhilarating, Tracy. Drinking it or putting babirs in baths of lavender may be relaxing but it’s heady scent is incredible. This place is gorgeous and it reminds me, I need to get my passport renewed. 🙂
    I hope you have had a wonderful summer full of visits with friends, son♡ and other family members. xo

      • Oh, sounds like a bucket list plan. Next year, oldest daughter wants a Georgia trip with her two sons. They think Spring Break. . . One trip at a time with all my vacations I keep Mom in mind and hate to go too far.

      • Yes, Carrie wants to check out grad Art school there but beach after we visit Savanah. My grandson is going to be 11 before he sees an ocean. We were blessed to have this experience and took it for granted, in some ways. You seem to really know the importance of this experience, Tracy.
        Canada may come someday after Mom is gone. . . I feel guilty even plann I ng trip south when each vacation for years has centered up on Lake Erie with her.

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