To The Sea

We are lucky to live where we do. In just a few short hours we can be at the ocean. I have needed to see the ocean. Badly. One more time before winter sets in…


I checked the weather. Maine was forecast to be sunny with temperatures in the 60’s for Saturday. Perfect!

These are those moments in life…where you just say “Let’s go”. And go we did. Leaving early in the morning. Grabbing gas and snacks for the road.


Even though I was so happy to be seeing my beloved ocean…I was excited about the journey there as well.  And we only knew our destination was the sea. No specific town…just the ocean.


No Interstate for us. The GPS gives its fastest routes. But I prefer the slower road. The one less traveled because I want to savor every moment.

Stopping along the way when some thing or some place catches my eye…

We get closer and closer. The windows are open…what a gorgeous day. The air is warm and the aroma of the sea finds its way in.

And then we are there. At one of my favorite beaches…


It’s been so long. Too long. Life busy with everyday responsibilities. But not today. I take off my flip flops so I can feel the sand between my toes.


My heart wide open and bursting with joy. My happy place. The place where I feel most serene and at peace…

The sun is so warm. The sound of the waves lulls and soothes my soul…I could stay here forever…listening, watching, feeling…

The journey continues though. I want to fill up with all that I can. Down the coast we go.

The sun begins to set…the colors are majestic. This place has worked its magic once again.

I’m not sure my love for the ocean can ever be sated completely. Maybe one day I’ll live by the coast…but for now it’s to the sea I go…every chance I get.


Sea Glass


Sea glass. Glass that has been worn smooth by the turbulent ocean waves. Sometimes called tears of the sea…

Or mermaid tears.


I have a passion for sea glass. I search for it whenever I am by the ocean. I have yet to find any pieces amongst the sand, rocks, and shells. But this doesn’t deter me. It is a quest. A quest to discover these beautiful marvels from the sea.

I’m not quite sure where this passion came from. Perhaps it is because I love the ocean and therefore anything and everything that has to do with the ocean. Or could it be that these tiny treasures remind me of life? They represent a life of storms, of depth, of forces…Thunderous and fierce.  Which then lead to a calmness, a softness… Edges worn smooth, as they find their way out of the raging tempest to land finally upon the beach. 


I know that life has shaped and softened me. My experiences, my choices, my sorrows, my losses, my heartbreaks, have tossed me about.  Like the crashing ocean life has sometimes crashed around me. And then I find myself washed ashore…In a new place with a new perspective.  Peaceful, compassionate, thoughtful, and calm.  Like sea glass. The same, yet different.


My Happy Place (part 2)


From the moment I smell it, see it, hear it…

A  feeling of calmness, serenity and peace comes over me.

The Ocean

There is nothing else like it. Nothing that has so much raw power and so much tranquility at the same time.

I can sit and look at the ocean for hours. I can close my eyes and listen to the waves crashing, over and over again. I can watch the sun rise and set a million times and never tire of it. I not only love the ocean. I need the ocean.

The ocean. My first love. From the time I was a little girl. Going out to Jones Beach on Long Island during the summer.  Weeks spent at Old Orchard in Maine with my son and husband. Weekend trips…Plum Island, Cape Cod, Hampton, Narragansett,  Rockpoint, Glouchester…When I would feel the pull of the ocean. And I would heed that call, sate that craving whenever I could.

I love the ocean in every season. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, cold, windy, foggy, rainy, or sunny. It is my heart’s home. It is where I feel safe…yet awed by its vastness.  Like the mountains, everything is put in perspective here.


I am feeling this need right now. In the midst of getting my son ready for college, preparing for a new school year, and packing up my belongings because I will be moving soon too. In the midst of all these changes and new beginnings…my spirit is yearning for the sea.

Somehow I will find my way there….I always do.