Country Girl

I just spent 5 days in Chicago. I was there for the National Science Teacher’s annual conference.


And while I enjoyed every minute of my stay there. And immersed myself in professional learning as well as the landscape of the city. I was happy to return home. I am and probably always will be, a country girl.

Chicago is an amazing city. I was awestruck at the skyline, the parks…

and of course the lake.

The sunrises are something to behold. And it truly does appear to be an ocean. A horizon that goes on forever.

There are things I experienced and felt during my visit. Things I will never forget.

I left there feeling inspired. So many incredible things happening in my profession.


I left there feeling an awareness and openness. No matter the size of our community we are all human beings.


And I left there with a deeper appreciation for people who live in a city…and for people like me. Country people.

No matter where we live or what we do. Deep inside us we are all the same. Our hearts, our souls and our spirits. We are all living and loving. Learning and growing. Life in the city or life in the country.


My heart leapt as I landed in Chicago. Excited for what lay ahead. And my heart did the same as I flew back over my familiar mountains and wide open spaces.

This country girl is home.