Lavender Fields Forever

There’s a place. Just over the Canadian border.


A place that captivates your senses, your spirit and your heart.

It is a place filled with beauty, magic and heavenly aromas.


Bleu Lavande…with its endless fields of lavender

Where time stands still and you are transported into a world like no other.

Enchanting, fragrant and seductive. A feast to behold and devour. Prolific and bountiful. Soothing and serene. Nature’s amazing abundance.

The lavender fields…a place where you could linger



Kissing the Earth

The world around me is growing, blooming, flourishing. I am in awe of her beauty and her unfolding.


I love all seasons but spring…the season of rebirth…holds me in her spell. Enchanting, captivating, and radiant.

I immerse myself in her lushness and extravagance.

I stare in wonder at the abundance of colors and inhale the heavenly scents.

I feel gentle breezes and nourishing rains. The earth is truly coming back to life.


There is a stirring inside my soul. A desire, a passion, a reverence for what I am seeing and experiencing around me and within me. I feel myself blossoming and expanding. My heart joyous and content.

It’s as though I am kissing the earth. Savoring these tender and sweet moments. And as I journey through this season…


I feel the earth kissing me back.


My Secret Garden

Someone recently told me that I have a secret garden inside of me. And when I heard this…I knew it to be true.

It is deep in my heart. Deep inside where my spirit lives. Deep inside where it has laid dormant for a very long time.


I think I had forgotten it was there. Buried under the overgrown weeds and tangled branches. The debris and wreckage that comes from loss and heartache. Piled so thick so that no sunlight could reach it.


Slowly though, I have pulled away the piles and the layers to uncover what has been asleep and buried. The garden of my heart.

And in this uncovering, a wondrous and amazing thing has happened. The garden has come back to life. In fact it’s bursting with buds and blooms. It’s big and bright and vibrant. It’s rich and earthy and warm. It’s full of hope and joy…

And most of all…love


As a child, I was enchanted by the story ” The Secret Garden”. Today, as a grown woman, I am discovering my very own secret garden. And I don’t want to keep it a secret. I want to share it with the world.

Because in the words of Francis Hodgson Burnett, author of “The Secret Garden”

It blooms and blooms and every morning new miracles are revealed.


So I am sharing this garden I’ve found with others. Please come visit it anytime:

What better time than spring, the season of rebirth, to discover your own secret garden.

Where The Wild Things Grow

A garden is a lovely thing. The assortment of blossoms, the abundance of color, the arrangement and orderliness.

A garden needs constant tending to keep up it’s appearance, and to keep it healthy and growing.

A garden is a lovely thing.

But it’s the wild flowers…

That capture my heart.

The assortment of blossoms, the abundance of color, the wildness…

There is no order, there is no arrangement.

Kind of like real life.


Wildflowers grow anywhere. They need no tending. They get everything they need from the earth.

And they flourish all on their own.

Through harsh winters, wet springs, and dry summers…

They bloom.


Strong…yet fragile

I long to be like the wild flowers

Wild and free

To grow wherever I am planted

And to flourish…