101.5 Miles

It has been a beautiful summer. I spent many hours enjoying the people and places I love.

This summer I also hiked. I hiked a lot. Sometime in July, I calculated I had hiked over 70 miles since school ended June 20. I decided I wanted to try to hike 100 miles before school began again.


The mountains in Vermont are glorious. The views and vistas magnificent. No two mountains are alike. The trails vary in length and difficulty. The views partial or a full 360 degrees.

To me, it doesn’t matter. The journey up the mountain is just as special and wondrous as the summit.


School began August 20. On August 19, I hiked up Sunset Ledge and watched the sun set. As I sat and gazed out I realized I had reached and surpassed my goal of 100 miles.


This summer I hiked 101.5 miles.

As I climbed down in the dark, I smiled. Maybe next summer I’ll try for 200 miles.


Springtime at the Quarries

They always surprise me, these abandoned quarries.


I always discover something new each time I go. A new trail. Another new hidden quarry. A new view. A new sense of awe.

In the springtime, the quarries show their true colors. The deep and mineral rich water sparkles brilliantly in the sun.

The leaves fill in the woods and trails filtering light and giving life to the things that grow here.

The rocks, scarred and striated, stand tall and proud above the glorious pools below.


This newness…is how I wish to live my life. Each day a new beginning. Each day a new chance. Each day a new adventure.


And the quarries in springtime remind me just how beautifully brand new each day is.

Getting Ready

There are things that we do here in Vermont to get ready.


Ready for spring. Just like with any season. A time of preparation.

Like where will all the snow go when it melts?

Waterbury Reservoir is getting ready. They let out water…to make room for all the melting snow that will soon cascade down from the mountains.


I didn’t know this until I discovered it the other day.

And just like the reservoir, I’m letting things out. Letting them go. Making room for a new season filled with delicate blossoms, abundant growth and the lushness of life.

I’m getting ready for spring too…

I am a Lover

I am a lover.

I read the most beautiful and inspiring essay on Rebelle Society the other day. And I thought, what a perfect title for a post, because I am a lover too.


I love the sky and the stars and the moon

I love the flowers and the trees and the grasses

I love the creatures big and small

I love the mountains and the fields and the ocean

I love the seasons and the clouds and the sun

I love the colors of the earth

I love to see, hear, smell, taste and touch

I love the hearts of my family and friends

I love my feelings and my ideas and my dreams

I love the rich tapestry of experiences that have lead me to this moment.

I love this life I live.

I am love…

I am a lover.



To read the essay from Rebelle Society, click here: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2013/04/05/lovers/

Nothing But Blue Skies

It truly has been a beautiful winter so far. Lots of snow. And an abundance of sunshine.

It is the sun that chases away the winter blues. Or perhaps it’s a little bit more than that.

January, a month typically dreaded here in the north country, is showing us a different side. Or perhaps it’s me that is seeing things differently.


The blues I felt last winter? They are gone. And this January, I find myself singing a happier sort of tune.

Because there is nothing but blue skies…