On the path of life, we sometimes experience serendipity.


Serendipity happens. In fact it happens all the time. Finding something wonderful while not looking for it.


I love the idea of happy accidents and pleasant surprises. And I’ve experienced it. The kind of serendipity that takes your breath away. That makes you say Wow. That makes your heart smile and your soul sing.

Serendipity is magical. No matter how big or small it may seem. It opens you up to the possibility that something much larger is at work in our lives.

Of course we have to be open ourselves to moments of serendipity. We must be receptive or it might just pass by, unnoticed.


The more open I am, the more I notice serendipity. The more I feel connections with the world around me and what it’s trying to tell me, the more serendipity I experience.


The unexpected gifts in life…


Beautiful, wondrous, serendipitous.

A Love Affair

It began when I was just a girl. And it has only grown stronger over the years. Today, my love burns brighter than ever. There are times when I could even say I’m a little obsessed.

I have a love affair…


 with ice.

There was a place when I was young.  It was behind our house, deep in the woods, and where I first fell in love with ice.

A magical world in the winter. Frozen pools of water throughout the forest. My sister and I could ice skate hours for hours and never see the same tree twice. In and out, weaving our way through this uniqe and enchanting place.

And that was all it took. The beginning of a life long relationship.

This has been the perfect winter for deepening our bond.

Bitter cold and warm thaws have created the conditions in which it grows and shines.


I discover it every where I look. I cannot seem to capture through words or pictures the breadth of its allure and captivating beauty.

Magnificent in its simplicity…


Fascinating in its intricacy…

Breathtaking in all its facets…

As long as I live some place, where ice can thrive, this love affair will last forever.

Although recently I’ve developed some feelings for rime…


Two Hour Delay

It doesn’t happen very often. In fact, I think in the 28 years I’ve been teaching, I can count them on one hand. Snow days are plentiful, but not delays.

At first, I didn’t know what to do. “All schools in the Chittenden East School District are delayed 2 hours”. I had already showered. I was dressed and ready to go.

So I went. I headed to work.

Somewhere between home and the entrance to the interstate, I decided to take a different route.

I’ve noticed on my morning commute this week some interesting things happening.

Last week the thaw. This week the bitter cold.

Here was an opportunity to look more closely and capture natures’ wondrous adaptation to this extreme temperature change.

The temperature outside read -10. But the sun was rising and with it…breathtaking sights.


I found places to pull off.

The sun rose higher and higher. I took turns down unfamiliar roads so I could follow the river.



The warmer water reacted with the bitter air. Plumes of vapor rose…coating the trees with frost. The sun shimmering and reflecting.

My fingers frozen. It’s hard to take pictures with gloves on. But every turn and bend in the river and road…something magical would catch my eye.

I glanced at the time. My two hour delay dwindling. I made one final stop before getting on the interstate to finish my commute.


And made it to work on time.

Ice Storm

What a difference a few miles makes.  Two days before Christmas, parts of Vermont experienced an ice storm.  Here in Northfield we got rain.  The temperature hovered in the 40’s for two days.  Several miles north, about 15 miles to be exact, the weather was quite different.  It is one thing to see it on the news, the trees draped in thick layers of ice.

It’s another thing to actually see it yourself…


I took some time yesterday to go and look.  The scenery drastically changing as I crossed over into the next county north.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though I have been through an ice storm before.  The sun was shining. The trees and plants all glistened…weighted down by frozen water.


 Even the roads were still treacherous.  The layer of ice not melting in the frigid temperatures.


Evidence of downed trees and even telephone wires laying on the side of the road.  People without power still.


Powerful, beautiful, dangerous

I took pictures of it’s beauty.  It is not something that happens often.  A rare chance to capture it.


Nature at her worst…

 Nature at her best.