From Lake Willoughby With Love

There is a place. In the far northeast corner of Vermont. A place I have come to love. A place where I have over the years sought peace and serenity and found so much more. It holds a very special place in my heart.


Lake Willoughby.

With her towering mountains that stand guard over her shores.

With her calm and reflective waters.

With iher glorious vistas and magnificent sunsets.

It is a place where worries fall away and life slows down. A step back into a simpler time. And wonder around every corner and on every mountain top.

It’s always hard to leave. But I know that she’s always here for me. Waiting patiently until I return again.


From Lake Willoughby with love…


Country Girl

I just spent 5 days in Chicago. I was there for the National Science Teacher’s annual conference.


And while I enjoyed every minute of my stay there. And immersed myself in professional learning as well as the landscape of the city. I was happy to return home. I am and probably always will be, a country girl.

Chicago is an amazing city. I was awestruck at the skyline, the parks…

and of course the lake.

The sunrises are something to behold. And it truly does appear to be an ocean. A horizon that goes on forever.

There are things I experienced and felt during my visit. Things I will never forget.

I left there feeling inspired. So many incredible things happening in my profession.


I left there feeling an awareness and openness. No matter the size of our community we are all human beings.


And I left there with a deeper appreciation for people who live in a city…and for people like me. Country people.

No matter where we live or what we do. Deep inside us we are all the same. Our hearts, our souls and our spirits. We are all living and loving. Learning and growing. Life in the city or life in the country.


My heart leapt as I landed in Chicago. Excited for what lay ahead. And my heart did the same as I flew back over my familiar mountains and wide open spaces.

This country girl is home.

Still Waters

Run deep as they say.

I’ve been spending time with still waters.


This isn’t an easy thing, being still. I am usually always in motion. I have a hard time just sitting…and being still…with both my body and my mind.


So when I headed up to the house on Lake Champlain this week with my family, I wanted to practice this stillness.

The summer is just about over for me. I return to school next week. Yet this has been an extraordinary summer in so many ways and I wanted to ponder it and how it has seemingly transformed my life.


There have been many changes. Changes that I have learned from and grown from. Changes that I now see as a blessing and a gift.


These changes have brought the need to adapt and adjust my beliefs, my feelings and my thinking.


I have shifted and revised my needs and desires in this life. New and exciting shifts that take me into unchartered waters. Out of my routine and in unknown directions.


I have dived deeper into my recovery. Working on the hard stuff that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Forgiving others and forgiving myself. Moving through and not around the challenges and obstacles I have faced.


I have rekindled my faith and my spirituality. Letting go of those things I have held onto so tightly and opening myself up to the abundance and beauty of life.


As I sit in stillness on the shores of this beautiful lake…I feel a sense of renewal. A rebirth and an awakening. Anything and everything is possible.


Still waters do run deep.

Devil’s Gulch

That was the intended destination. It sounded like a perfect hike on a warm spring day. A place full of towering boulders and mystery where eerie sounds are said to be heard.

I needed distraction. I needed to move my body to help heal my spirit.

Devil’s Gulch.

2.5 miles in via the Long Trail.

The hike was different.

Up, up, up…then down, down, down.

Way down


The ancient stone staircase that seemed to go down forever.

I was thinking…I’m going to have to climb back up those stairs.

Then, through the trees, I caught a glimpse of something…


Water. A beaver pond? A marsh? A lake?

Hidden out here in the middle of nowhere?

Suddenly I didn’t care about having to climb back up those stairs.

I wanted to find the water.

But I kept descending. Glimpses let me know it was pretty big this body of water. Devil’s Gulch now forgotten. I was on a quest…

An intersection. I went left. Down towards where I thought the water might be.

And it was…


I felt like I’d found paradise…

A little slice of heaven. Here, deep in the Green Mountain forest.

I didn’t wanted to leave.

This place felt magical…soothing…peaceful.

A place to sit for a while…

Where the real world feels far far away.


I never made it to Devil’s Gulch.

I don’t think that was the destination intended for me that day…

I Found Heaven

It was a last minute weekend trip. I needed to get away. My life seems to be filled with so much change and sadness these days…

I wanted to find a bit of solitude and serenity. A place that would replenish and heal the empty spaces inside of me.

I found a little cabin to stay at…


By a river…


Deep in the heart of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

A place to lose…and find myself

Where the spring rivers run wild…

Making my heart pound.

Reminding me I am still very much alive.

Warm forest paths…


Filled with fragile new life.

Reminding me to be grateful for the little things.

There are some truly beautiful places on this earth.

Many that people might call heaven.

I found just such a place today.


With Orion at my side…we hiked up this trail…not really knowing what to expect.

I certainly did not expect this…

I had found heaven.

And as the sun set tonight

I was reminded of the words inscribed at Lonesome Lake…