Springtime at the Quarries

They always surprise me, these abandoned quarries.


I always discover something new each time I go. A new trail. Another new hidden quarry. A new view. A new sense of awe.

In the springtime, the quarries show their true colors. The deep and mineral rich water sparkles brilliantly in the sun.

The leaves fill in the woods and trails filtering light and giving life to the things that grow here.

The rocks, scarred and striated, stand tall and proud above the glorious pools below.


This newness…is how I wish to live my life. Each day a new beginning. Each day a new chance. Each day a new adventure.


And the quarries in springtime remind me just how beautifully brand new each day is.

Quarries and Metaphors

It’s no secret, my love for the abandoned quarries. I am smitten. I am captivated. I’m in love. And every time I go there I find more to love.


But I had never been there in the fall. And so this weekend I went. And I fell further in love with these remnants from long ago. And I discovered more than I could have ever imagined.


Fall at the quarries is glorious.


Like anything there is so much more than just what’s on the surface. These scarred towering rocks and deep holes filled with shimmering water, tell a story. They tell of mans’ strength, determination, and spirit.

The piles of grout create mountains and things grow up on these mountains. From the wreckage and waste…new life begins. Standing on these enormous hills is breathtaking. The world lays open from every angle to savor and enjoy.

These rocks weather extremely well which is why they are chosen to grace so many building facades and memorials. They can survive all types of storms, and remain unchanged. Granite is not only strong and enduring but multifaceted.


I often think of these magnificent quarries as a metaphor.


A metaphor for my life.

Like the granite, I have survived and endured many a storm. And like the quarries, deep below the surface within my heart, is a fierce determination and resilient spirit.


And so, I am drawn to these quarries…


They remind me.


And they inspire me.

Quarries Revisited

I have a thing for quarries.


The geology fascinates me

The glimpse into how quarrying is and was done is fascinating

The rocks and the water and how the land is shaped by quarries is fascinating

Discovering abandoned quarries…is not only fascinating but exciting. I feel like an archeologist. Digging into the past; learning, investigating, questioning, exploring and enjoying


Last Sunday was a cold and dreary day. But I so badly needed my quarry fix. When I pulled into the parking lot for the trails…there was a sign.

Closed for hunting season.

So I got back in the car and drove. Not knowing where to go. But knowing I needed to find some place to hike and explore…

And I saw another sign…this one made of granite



I had driven by here before but never saw this sign. I had stopped at this quarry before but never really explored.

And so I explored.

Old foot trails and snowmobile trails. Near the road and houses so no hunters.

And I discovered the past…

The scarred and fragmented rocks

The turquoise waters created by the minerals from the quarrying…

Tools from a distant time left to become part of the land…

Buildings, eerily quiet and in ruin, where workers once toiled…

Machinery, slowly rusting…it’s patina beautiful and a reminder of the creative and inventive spirit of man…

Quarries. This area once a thriving granite industry. Its illustrious past left exposed for us in the present…and in the future.