A Winter Wonderland

A Nor’easter visited us last Tuesday. And lasted for over 3 days.


It stalled and dumped heavy snow that measured in feet. It downed trees and power lines. It closed schools and roads. It left a trail of destruction.

And then when the clouds finally cleared and sun shone…it also left a winter wonderland.

Words cannot describe the beauty and magic of the snow laden trees.

Their limbs bending down to kiss the earth.

Their icy branches glistening in the sun.

Birches bowing deeply over roads and trails.

Pines tall and straight coated in white frosting.

I was transported into an enchanted land. A forest of delight. A Robert Frost poem that left me in awe at the power and wonder of Mother Nature.

As I left, I said a prayer for those still without power. I raised my hand in thanks to the many utility trucks along the road. And I felt grateful for being able to experience this…


A true winter wonderland.

The Calm Before…

It was talked about by the weather people for days…

A snowstorm, a Nor’easter, was headed our way. But this time not just snow.

Bitter cold…freeze your you know what off…bone chilling…frost bite producing…way below zero…cold.

I love a good snowstorm. I love to walk as the snow falls feeling the flakes on my face…a beautiful, peaceful, happy snow.

But not cold. I really dislike the cold. I can handle 5 or 10…above zero. Anything below that is well…cold. And the snow that falls…frigid and stinging…not the soft, lovely flakes that occur when it’s a bit warmer.

So the day before this forecast…I headed out to enjoy the sunny 20 degree day. A calm before the storm day.

I knew where I wanted to go


It’s not too far. Just far enough that it feels like another world.


The road through Groton Forest is long and winding. There are no houses for miles…only trails, lakes, mountains, and State Parks.

I had a few hours. Time enough to sample a few of the incredible wonders of this forest.

The trails…

The mountains…

The forest…

Lake Groton State Park…

The snowstorm is over. The bitter cold ends tomorrow. But the weather people are predicting another storm. I have some time though.


A calm before the storm…

Ice Storm

What a difference a few miles makes.  Two days before Christmas, parts of Vermont experienced an ice storm.  Here in Northfield we got rain.  The temperature hovered in the 40’s for two days.  Several miles north, about 15 miles to be exact, the weather was quite different.  It is one thing to see it on the news, the trees draped in thick layers of ice.

It’s another thing to actually see it yourself…


I took some time yesterday to go and look.  The scenery drastically changing as I crossed over into the next county north.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though I have been through an ice storm before.  The sun was shining. The trees and plants all glistened…weighted down by frozen water.


 Even the roads were still treacherous.  The layer of ice not melting in the frigid temperatures.


Evidence of downed trees and even telephone wires laying on the side of the road.  People without power still.


Powerful, beautiful, dangerous

I took pictures of it’s beauty.  It is not something that happens often.  A rare chance to capture it.


Nature at her worst…

 Nature at her best.