The Landscape of My Soul

I believe that many of us search for answers to the deep questions of life. The quest to understand. Why are we here? What is our purpose? These questions often lead us in many directions. Trying to discover that sometimes elusive knowledge and awareness. To find a deeper meaning and connection. It is a lifetime journey. And for me this journey has brought me into the landscape of my soul.

The landscape of my soul is rich and vibrant and wondrous. It is familiar yet mysterious. It is has no beginning and it has no end. It is vast and wide and deep.


My travels and exploration of the natural world are at the heart of what gives meaning to my soul. It is here in nature where I find my purpose and I understand better why I am here. This realization isn’t surprising. It feels like a truth I’ve known forever. But I had to uncover and rediscover it. It is all there for me I only need to reach for it.

I recognize these landscapes. It has been a journey into the wildness of my soul.


Like the trees I am learning I can stand tall even in adversity. My roots deep in the soil finding the nourishment I need from the earth.

Like the mountains I scale with determination, strength, and endurance. Because at the top, the view is magnificent and I can see everything more clearly.

Like the wind whispering truths and the rains that wash my spirit clean

Like the rivers that flow with ease and grace reminding me to move through life in the same way.

Like the sky vast and infinite with its storms and rainbows, its dark clouds and bright sunshine, giving me hope that this too shall pass.

Like the ocean full of beauty, mystery and healing. Its ancient wisdom always teaching me what I need to remember.

All these landscape. All these places within me and around me. I see and embrace them all.


Places of inspiration, places of joy, places of peace, places of light, places of wonder, places of harmony and places of gratitude.

This is a journey that never ends. This journey into the landscape of my soul.


For now, it is time to wander in a new direction. I will be back here again someday.  I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement and for joining me as I wandered…


I am blessed to live where I do. All around me are some of the most beautiful and unique natural places. Places that I find wonder and joy. Places that bring me peace. Places that lift my spirit up.

Places…that I call Church.


I try to go to Church on a regular basis. It has become a huge part of my life and who I am. And so, you can frequently find me at Church.

It is in Church where all things seem possible. Where the stresses from every day life melt away. Where quiet contemplation and reflection remind me of what is most important in my life and where gratitude replaces fear.

It is here at Church where I feel closest to my heart and to my soul.


It is here where I feel free. It is here where I find grace.


And it is here where I lose and find myself.


Over and over and over again…at Church.

Forest Roads

Deep in the heart of Vermont lies the Green Mountain National Forest.


Throughout this forest are dozens of roads. Forest roads. They have no names… Only numbers.


There is something magical whenever I find myself on one. I never know what I will find or where I will end up. But it is always something that captures my heart and and my soul. There is wonder around every corner.

Lakes, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, fields, trees, and even wild blueberries.

It is a place to get lost…Completely lost.


But what you find is miraculous.

You feel a deep sense of awe and reverence for this enchanted place.


And you notice a connection. Life is like a series of forest roads. You never know quite where they may lead. But along the way you will enjoy the glorious scenery, surprises, adventures, and wonders…


Around every bend in the road.


I am on the forest roads of my life. And it is a beautiful journey.


I’ve been thinking about the word thrive lately. Especially as the school year winds down and I feel like I’m merely surviving rather than thriving. But I think it’s more than that.


This idea of thriving has taken root in my mind and in my heart. It is growing. I am realizing that in life we are meant to thrive. We are meant to flourish and truly live.

Yet I have begun to wonder…am I really thriving or just surviving in my life?


Perhaps it’s because of this journey I have found myself on. A journey of uncovering and discovering who I am and what I want from this life. There is a deeper purpose and meaning that keeps whispering to me and I’m starting to hear what it’s saying. I’ve dived into the depths of my heart and my soul. I’ve healed wounds and grown in countless ways.


And now there is a longing, a yearning for something more.

So I’ve begun a kind of transformation…and taken a turn down a mysterious and yet exciting path.

I’m not sure where it will lead. And that’s ok. I have faith in where I am heading.


I do believe this path is where I will find what it is I am yearning for. And along the way, I will learn what it means to thrive. After all, I have seen how nature thrives…


On the path of life, we sometimes experience serendipity.


Serendipity happens. In fact it happens all the time. Finding something wonderful while not looking for it.


I love the idea of happy accidents and pleasant surprises. And I’ve experienced it. The kind of serendipity that takes your breath away. That makes you say Wow. That makes your heart smile and your soul sing.

Serendipity is magical. No matter how big or small it may seem. It opens you up to the possibility that something much larger is at work in our lives.

Of course we have to be open ourselves to moments of serendipity. We must be receptive or it might just pass by, unnoticed.


The more open I am, the more I notice serendipity. The more I feel connections with the world around me and what it’s trying to tell me, the more serendipity I experience.


The unexpected gifts in life…


Beautiful, wondrous, serendipitous.

A Winter Wonderland

A Nor’easter visited us last Tuesday. And lasted for over 3 days.


It stalled and dumped heavy snow that measured in feet. It downed trees and power lines. It closed schools and roads. It left a trail of destruction.

And then when the clouds finally cleared and sun shone…it also left a winter wonderland.

Words cannot describe the beauty and magic of the snow laden trees.

Their limbs bending down to kiss the earth.

Their icy branches glistening in the sun.

Birches bowing deeply over roads and trails.

Pines tall and straight coated in white frosting.

I was transported into an enchanted land. A forest of delight. A Robert Frost poem that left me in awe at the power and wonder of Mother Nature.

As I left, I said a prayer for those still without power. I raised my hand in thanks to the many utility trucks along the road. And I felt grateful for being able to experience this…


A true winter wonderland.

Room to Breathe

Hunting season, for the most part, is over here in Vermont. This means I can get outside again and explore. It means I can visit and revisit the places I love so much. And it means I can find room to spread my wings and to breathe more deeply.

Winter is long. And it’s only just beginning. Finding solace and happiness in nature can become a little more challenging.


But I manage. I find that I am able to replenish my spirit even with small adventures and short journeys. I don’t need to travel far to find what my soul needs.


I don’t need to look too hard to feel peace and serenity in the world around me.

I am blessed to be able to immerse myself completely, engage all my senses, and feel all the incredible beauty that surrounds me.

Even in winter. Especially in winter.

There’s something unique about adventuring in the winter. The snow, the ice, the cold, the bare trees and frozen landscape…it seems as if the earth has expanded instead of contracting.

And there truly is more room…to breathe.